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Alyssa Lux entered a season high of 26 points to help the Cascade Girls' basketball team hold Wilton [49-38] at Cascade on February 1st. The Cougars were upset in the Monticello overtime in Monticello on February 5 between 40 and 37.

The Cougars, the eleventh team in Class 2A, are now 15-5 for the season and occupy second place 14-4 in the River Valley Conference North Division, just ahead of Monticello, who switched to 13-4 in the conference 14 -5 in total.

Cascade quickly took a 10-0 lead against Wilton when Lux and Faith Bower both scored a three and a basket in the first 2:15 game of the game. Lux added another line-up and Ally Hoffman's two after a submission by Taryn Hoffman extended the run to 14-0 with 4:30 in the first quarter.

At that moment, Kelsey Drake, the Beavers' leading scorer, claimed to lead her team back into the game. Drake scored six points for Wilton in their 9-5 push to close the quarter.

"It's difficult when you start fast like us and then let them back into the game. We relaxed a little and it didn't take much for them to get going," said Ernie Bolibaugh, interim coach. "They have a lot Got points on the board and Drake made them work. She's a really nice player and knows how to score. They had a couple of other girls who knocked down a couple of threes and were right back in the game. "

Drake and the Beavers could have gone 55.8 seconds to one in the first half, but Drake missed their free throw, which would have ended a three-point game.

Ally Hoffman tore off the defensive rebound and shoved the ball up, finding Lux in front of the pack to give the Cougars a 26-22 lead during the break.

Bower's dribble drive basket kicked off a 7-0 run for Cascade in the third quarter, which allowed the Cougars to build a comfortable pillow and a lead that never went under seven for the rest of the game.

“We settled down in the second half and regained control by carrying out our offense and keeping a body defensively close to Drake. We decided to go to a match-up defense to slow down Drake and not let her go where she wants, ”said Bolibaugh. “We really focused on being more patient on the offensive. We worked the ball around much better and didn't take the first open shot. We like to play fast but after that first boost it didn't work so we looked for good shots. "

The story was just a little different when the Cougars took to the streets to face the Monticello Panthers.

In the Battle of Jones County, Cascade overcame a slow 7-1 start with a strong second quarter as the Cougars battled for just two points [15-13] into halftime. Cascade was down two more times in the fourth quarter at 26:24, but Bower linked up with Ally Hoffman, who led the lead, to end the game at 35:35 and send it into overtime.

Bower found Ally Hoffman in the paint again to put the Cougars in the extra frame at 37-36.

The Panthers took the lead back at 38:37 and later in extra time Gabrielle Guilford Bower pulled the ball and turned the steal into a lay-up that gave the Panthers a 40-37 surprise over Cascade.

Cascade's leaders against Wilton were: Points – Lux 26, Bower nine, Ally Hoffman seven, Megan Smith four, Sydney Weber two, Taryn Hoffman one; Rebounds – Ally Hoffman 14, Weber three, Bower and Taryn Hoffman two, Laura Otting one; Assists – Ally Hoffman six, Bower five, Taryn Hoffman one; steals – Ally Hoffman five, Bower four, Lux three, Weber two, Taryn Hoffman and Otting one; Blocks – arbor one.

Leading cascade leaders against Monticello were: Points – Lux 14, Ally Hoffman 13, Bower and Taryn Hoffman five; Rebounds – Ally Hoffman nine, Taryn Hoffman six, Lux five, Bower four, Smith and Weber one; Assists – Bower, Smith, and Weber two; steals – Ally Hoffman four, Lux two, Bower, Smith and Weber one; Blocks – Smith and Weber one.

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