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Designing a gym facility to cater to the needs of members effectively takes a good deal of forethought. In addition to setting up equipment, you must consider how to make an environment that is convenient to use. This way, your business will stand apart from the competition. Take these tips for gym facility space planning and reflect on them as you create a new setup or rearrange an existing one.

Set Apart Clear Zones

You want your gym to be easy to navigate even for newcomers and contain few obstacles that get in the way of people’s workout routines. To do so, you should separate the space into clear zones based on the types of exercises visitors can do there. For instance, you may dedicate one side of a large room to treadmills, another to upper body weights, and a third to lower body squat racks and deadlift platforms. At a glance, this will make it simple for people to figure out where to go. Moreover, as they move through similar muscle groups, they won’t need to walk from one end of the gym to the other.

Provide Ample Lighting

Lighting is necessary for safety and also for creating an energized atmosphere in a gym. You should utilize a combination of natural light and electric lights for an optimal arrangement. During the day, large windows can let in the sun so that people feel more awake and ready to undergo intense physical activity. Overhead lights can fill out dark corners that the windows don’t reach and also illuminate the gym at night and on overcast days. With ample brightness, visitors are also able to avoid setting down weights in unstable positions or tripping over equipment.

Make Clocks Accurate and Visible

Clocks may seem like trivial features in gyms, but they are actually crucial in gyms. Though people do use smartphones while working out, clocks provide an indicator of how long they are spending in between sets or running. Furthermore, those who are under time crunches can use them to put together the most time-efficient workout. Synchronize your gym’s clocks with an NTP time server so that they are all fully accurate for your staff and gym members. Then place them in high, central locations so that people in any section have views of the time when they look up. This tip for gym facility space planning is easy to miss but essential to remember.

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