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Keeping any vehicle running smoothly requires regular maintenance. However, conducting proper maintenance is even more important when you own a Jeep as many people drive them in harsher, more challenging environments. As such, they may undergo a little more wear and tear over time than your average vehicle. To lengthen your Jeep’s lifespan, save money on repairs, and protect your safety, here are some essential Jeep maintenance tips to keep your Jeep running smoothly.

Get Your Wheels Aligned Periodically

If you own a Jeep, there is a good chance that you plan to take it off-road at some point in your vehicle’s lifetime. In the case that you choose to take advantage of the impressive off-roading capabilities that most Jeep models offer, you’ll want to make wheel alignment part of your regular maintenance schedule.

When driving down rugged, uneven trails or traversing challenging obstacles, there is a greater likelihood that your Jeep’s wheels may shift out of alignment. If the wheels become misaligned, the tires may wear unevenly, and your steering capabilities can become impaired. To prevent such potentially dangerous effects, make sure to take your Jeep in for an alignment every three months when engaging in regular off-roading activities.

Check and Replace Air Filters Frequently

Another important Jeep maintenance tip to keep your Jeep running smoothly—especially if you plan on off-roading—is to replace your air filters regularly. When you’re traversing off-roading trails, a large amount of dust and dirt go through your Jeep’s filters. As such, their lifespan will likely be shorter than they would if you only drove on paved roads.

To ensure that your filters don’t become clogged and can effectively do their job of keeping dirt, bacteria, and exhaust gasses from entering the HVAC system of your Jeep, it’s best to check and change them regularly. Keep in mind that off-roading can decrease the lifespan of a Jeep’s air filters by around 12,000 miles.

Wash Regularly…But Not Too Often

Whether you plan to drive your Jeep on the highway or off-road, it will likely get a little dirty from time to time. To prevent contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, and bugs from adhering to your vehicle and damaging its paint and finish, you’ll need to wash your Jeep regularly.

However, avoid excessive washing. If you wash your Jeep too often or use powerful cleansers, its paint and metal armor could weaken and rust. If you plan to off-road a lot and need to give your Jeep more frequent washes, consider giving it an anti-rusting treatment or a durable, waterproof paint job to prevent damage.

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