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Madison Katzenberger is a senior from Monticello who decided to become a three-sport athlete during the year of COVID-19.

She participates in tennis, basketball and lacrosse.

“I joined tennis this year just for fun – and it was the most fun I have had,” Katzenberger said. “The coaches are amazing and just make you so comfortable. They taught me so many things and it just made the sport so much to fun to play.”

She started playing basketball when she was in fourth grade and lacrosse when she was in sixth grade. Katzenberger said she loves sports in general, but if she had to choose just one, it would be lacrosse. A lot of her love for sports has to do with the social aspect that comes with being on a team.

“It has brought me so many good friends that will be in my life for a long time,” Katzenberger said. “Sports in high school was such a good idea. Sports bring you life long friends and just a fun thing to do in your free time. I learned a lot through sports from my coaches to my teammates.”

She also said that it teaches practical life skills such as managing time and keeping up in her classes. Katzenberger had learned a lot through sports, but she’s learned the most through her mom.

“I would say that my mom has definitely got me to where i am today with sports. She has been to every game of mine in every sport throughout the years. She encourages me to be my very best at what I do.”

Something that Katzenberger does as a sort of pre-game ritual, is positive self talk, or as she calls it, “hyping herself up”. She’s always bringing positivity to her teammates on the floor and that sets her a part.

Her favorite Monticello memory out of the three sports she plays has been making it to the section championship game during her junior year of basketball.

In 2020 the Magic faced the Big Lake basketball squad and battled to the final moments of the game. Monticello couldn’t pull out a win, but they were proud to be there in the first place.

Now that her senior year is coming to a close, she’s starting to think more and more about college.

Katzenberger has decided to head to the University of Minnesota-Mankato to pursue a degree in Nursing. As for college athletics, she’s not quite sure.

“I would like to play lacrosse in college but I want to be able to really focus on nursing school as well,” Katzenberger said.

As she moves away from Monticello she wants a fresh start. COVID-19 has played a huge role in her final moments of high school. One thing that stings the most is the fact that COVID-19 took away her junior year of lacrosse.

“It took away my junior year lacrosse season which was really hard for me because it is my favorite sport,” Katzenberger said.

She still has her senior year of lacrosse to look forward to and she plans to savor every moment until graduation.

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