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WOLCOTT – Wolcott High Street presented coupons and gift cards to new local business and building owners during their recent monthly get-together.

Rob and Patricia Hutter from Monticello were among them. You bought and renovated a store building in downtown Wolcott. It is located at 101 N. Main St., along US 24 and Market Streets.

The building has four apartments on the upper floor and a shop front that are available for rent. The building is also home to two new businesses, ARP Laundry Room and Cassie's Canine Cuts and Grooming.

The 24-hour washroom is owned and operated by the Hutters.

The Hutters also own ARP Construction, ARP Rentals and ARP Roofing in Monticello. They said they love Wolcott's little community feel and saw an opportunity to buy a building and give it life.

"We see it as an opportunity to bring a building to life and beautify Wolcott, a great community that deserves to be beautified," said Rob Hutter. "It's also a great addition for the community and we hope it will be used well."

He added that if things go well, he will add more machines.

"The cool thing is that people can use quarters to pay or download the PayRange mobile app and scan the barcode on the device," he said. "It also notifies people when their laundry is almost done, or it can send an alert when a machine is running and when it will be available."

Cassie's Canine Cuts and Grooming is slated to have a grand opening event on April 17th.

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