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The Monticello Empire League has published schedules for all of its college sports on a year-long calendar that runs from February 15 through the end of the school year.

College sports have been on hold since last March due to the coronavirus pandemic, but some sports will start playing for the first time later this month.

The schedules can be viewed at

The MEL has divided the sports into three groups – A. B and C, roughly in line with the colored coronavirus levels.

Group A includes sports that are allowed in the purple class – cross-country skiing, girls 'tennis and boys' golf – as well as soccer, the orange rank.

MEL Commissioner Joan Mumaugh explained the inclusion of football in Group A.

"According to the rules of the San Joaquin section, football must be finished by April 16," she said. “To give them the opportunity to start practicing immediately if they are eligible from the California Department of Health and Solano County Health, we have put them in the first group. Football must have ten days of training before competition, which means it can start by March 1st to play its five-game schedule. "

This schedule consists of one game against each of the other five MEL opponents. The Black and Blue Bowl, the rivalry game between Will C. Wood and Vacaville, is due to be played in Vacaville on Friday April 16.

But football has to overcome the orange health barrier first. The Sac Joaquin section advocates moving sports in the orange and yellow levels to the red level.

Also, the Golden State Football Coaches Community and parent-run Let Them Play CA advocacy group are trying to convince the Board of Governors, CDPH, and the Department of Health and Human Services to abolish the animal system and allow all sports to start training and measure yourself.

With the understanding that sports are currently not allowed until Solano County moves to the stage where those sports are allowed (which currently only includes the purple animal species Cross Country, Girls Tennis, and Boys Golf), here is the rest of the schedule:

As with football, the cross-country season consists of five matches, one against each MEL opponent. In the footnote of the schedule it says: "If permissible, the fifth week (March 17th) will serve as the MEL championship meeting and will also be counted as a competitive double meeting."

Boy golfers will face every MEL opponent twice at the MEL tournament in Rancho Solano on March 23rd.

Tennis players meet every MEL opponent twice, with the single championship tournament taking place on March 18th and the double championship tournament on March 19th. The coronavirus reservation for the tournaments is "if allowed".

In Group B, the start dates are March 23 for badminton, baseball and volleyball and March 24 for softball, swimming / diving and athletics.

For Group C, girls 'soccer begins on April 13th, boys' soccer on April 14th, girls 'basketball on April 27th, and wrestling and boys' basketball on April 28th.

The Sac Joaquin section does not hold any championship tournaments this season.

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