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The Monticello gymnastics team had three gymnasts qualify for state last season. This year the team has goals of bringing the whole team. They’ll have to get past the teams in the Mississippi 8 Conference first.

Kelly Osland is the head coach and has been coaching for 30 years now. Lisa Nygaard, Will Theyson, and Emily Dockendorf are her assistant coaches this year.

Last season Monticello was third in the conference with five wins and two losses, The Magic also came in second place in its section.

This year the Magic gymnastics team has one senior, Sydney Wahnschafee. She is a captain for the 2021 season along with Hailey Schmitz, Tessa Luebke, and Annabelle Klimesh.

Osland’s goals include competing well, but before anything else, she wants to keep her team safe.

“Things are so different this season,” Osland said. “My main focus this season is to finish out the season without injuries, to do the best we can in the conference, and to have fun.”

Osland said the differences between this season and last season are the COVID-19 guidelines, the lack of time to prepare for the season, and the missing seniors; Shae Anderson, Myla Bondhus, Kamee Kitzman, and manager Shelby Ergen.

As Osland looked back on last season her favorite memory was being ranked among the top 10 Class A teams.

She knows this season will be different, but she’s hopeful for a positive season.

“I’m looking forward to being with my team,” Osland said. “I know ti will be very different. we cannot take anything for granted and need to do our part to be able to practice and compete.”

The Monticello gymnastics team is competing for the first time in 2021 on Thursday, Jan. 21 against Chisago Lakes.

“That meet is just 13 days after our first practice,” Osland said. “This is not enough time to prepare, but we will do our best to stay safe and focused.”

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