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MONTICELLO, III (WAND) – They say they’re “just another high school rock band,” but anyone who hears their original music might say that’s an understatement. 

While many teens may spend their free time on social media or even playing sports, these Monticello High School seniors are releasing their own rock album, “Self Titled.” 

Network Hollow is band out of Monticello. They started out 4 years ago, playing cover music for anyone who’d listen. Now, their skills have advanced into them writing their own music. Lead Singer and Guitarist, Nino Baker, says he first thinks of lyrics, then shares with the group. 

“I’ll have an idea of lyrics and then I’ll bring it to these guys and then they kind of put their own spin on everything I did.” Baker says. 

They finally accomplished their goal of writing their first album, yet COVID-19 caused a bump in the road for them. “COVID has been hard, it’s been hard on everybody, I mean we couldn’t get together at all.” Dorian Greenarch, the drummer of Network Hollow, tells WAND News. 

Now, Network Hollow is up and running again. Greenarch says they have been practicing non-stop since COVID-19 restrictions let up. Their goal is to make people happy while listening to their music. “Anyone who just wants to get out and dance, jump up and have fun.“ Baker says.

But ultimately, they want their music to help people be their best self. Baker says, “My hopes are just to allow people to be themselves when they listen to music to music.” 

You can find their first album here.

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