Monticello Village Board fired Sommers over “controversial” appointment – Mid-Hudson Information

MONTICELLO – After Monticello Village Trustee George Nikolados defeated Gary Sommers for the mayor’s post recently, the new village board hired Sommers as village manager, but that only lasted for a day-and-a-half.

Nikolados said the board learned that just prior to him leaving office, Sommers hired former police officer Yermi Solomon as a police dispatcher.

“The day before he was fired there was a revelation made that he made a very controversial hire in the last minutes that he was still mayor and the board members found it unacceptable and decided to go in a different direction,” Nikolados said.

When Solomon was still a police officer, he pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly having sex with an underage girl.

As a police dispatcher now, the village will have to follow the civil service procedure if it wants to remove him from the position.

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