Most college students can be in-person at Monticello for second semester – Piatt County Journal-Republican

Monticello school officials expect about 85 percent of the student body to be learning in-person at the start of the second semester, as several have indicated they will shift from remote to in-classroom learning.

School superintendent Vic Zimmerman told the school board on Dec. 16that the remote option will still be offered for those who feel safer learning from home the second semester.

Lincoln Elementary School Principal Mary Vogt said an influx of more in-person students means that three of the four preschool sections will be on site next semester. Two of the four are being offered remotely this semester.

Middle School Principal Mark Hughes said a shift to a block schedule – which allows for longer class periods – is working out so far at MMS. He noted that teachers do not “feel as rushed” when communicating concepts to students.

In other action, the board:

approved the hiring of four long-term substitutes: Cheri Wright-Vezna, special education aide; Trasha McCool, first grade (Dec. 14-22); Liz Galbo, Monticello High School secretary (Jan. 4-Feb. 25); and Heather High, first grade (Jan. 4-Feb. 26);

approved the hiring of Erin Tracy as a full-time secretary for White Heath Elementary School;

heard from Clapp that the boys basketball team had the second best grade point average in the area; and

did not feel the district should enter into a cooperative sports agreement that would allow Bement students to participate in Monticello’s soccer and wrestling programs. Bement school officials had reached out for a possible co-op of those sports, which currently are not offered in the Bement/Cerro-Gordo cooperative contract.

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