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Collaboration among breweries has been going on for quite a while.

Now a Monticello brewery and longtime business are teaming to bring a new beer to the local market.

Rustech Brewing Co. and Moon Motorsports gathered at the brewery Monday, Jan. 20 to begin the process of brewing a co-branded beer that is aimed to bring recognition to both local businesses.

It’s a continuation of a relationship that began in November 2019, when Moon Motorsports hosted Rustech at its Black Friday event that kicked off the 2019 holiday shopping season.

It was a way for two businesses in town to collaborate and bring together customer bases that patronize the businesses for entirely different reasons, said Penny Burt, who owns Rustech Brewing Co. with her husband Bill.

Through this collaboration, both businesses have an opportunity to reach a different demographic than they might reach without the joint project.

The two businesses share a common challenge: business awareness.

Penny Burt says many people remain unaware that Rustech is located in Monticello and was the city’s first brewery. And while Moon Motorsports may be one of the largest businesses in Monticello, there are people who are unaware that 12 years ago the business built a new dealership and showroom along an Interstate 94 frontage on Chelsea Road, said B.J. Haldy, general manager of Moon Motorsports.

When fans of a local business drinks a beer brewed with the business they know, it exposes them to a new brewery. And when patrons of a local brewery such as Rustech pours a co-branded product with a company such as Moon Motorsports, fans of the craft beer industry have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the ATVs, motorcycles, scooters and snowmobiles that the power-sports company has on its showroom floor.

On Jan. 20, Bill and Penny Burt met at the brewery with a team of four people from Moon Motorsports, including Haldy and owner Kyle Erickson, to begin the process of selecting a beer style and begin the brewing process.

While details of the beer were not entirely hashed out, this much is known.

“It will be a very dark, imperial stout,” Bill Burt said. The beer will be related to Rustech’s Night Warrior, a popular imperial stout currently on tap at the brewery and enjoyed by thousands Saturday, Jan. 18 when the beer was poured at the St. Cloud Craft Beer Tour. B.J. Haldy says he was interested in brewing a “winter warmer” that is malty.

Rustech Brewing Co. and Moon Motorsports are working on plans to release their collaborative brew at a special event at the brewery.

The event could take place under a tent in the parking lot of the brewery, beer pours, live music, and other activities, Bill Burt said. Complete details will be announced at a later date.

But one thing is already for sure.

Rustech Brewing Co. and Moon Motorsports are two hometown businesses who have found a new way to bring people to their respective businesses using this collaboration to strengthen their community ties.

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