Proposals for revised 911 settlement reviewed by Monticello Council members – Commonwealth Journal’s Historical past

Currently, the Monticello Wayne County 911 Communications Center continues to function under the City and County’s former agreement. At this week’s City Council meeting, Mayor Tracie Sexton told of revised proposals for consideration being comparable to the previous agreement that remains operational at this time.

As far as a dollar amount, the City of Monticello’s specific contribution for 911 service was reportedly not specified in the former contract. Moving forward, they will pay $10,000 per month or $120,000 annually. The makeup of the 911 Board under the new agreement will also be new.

The board will consist of Fire Chief Steve Ferrell, Police Chief Joe Bybee, Sheriff Tim Catron, EMS Director Bubby Corder and County Judge- Executive Mike Anderson. In addition, there will be a Rescue Squad representative and an appointment by Anderson to complete the board’s seven members.

According to reports, under the revised 911 agreement, the Mayor will not occupy a seat on the 911 board and she will not be involved in any appointments. The final draft is expected to be ready for a first reading at the next meeting of the City Council.

In other action, the Council’s policies and procedures ordinance was amended to include Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday for city employees. Council members approved purchasing a $32,000 dollar truck for the street department, replacing one with nearly 300,000 miles.

The Council also approved buying a $27,000 truck for use by ABC Administrator Sharkley Stonewall and setting up an account to transfer $50,000 for the ABC Department. This money will be reimbursed to the City once funding becomes available. The state advertised notice regarding applications for local alcohol licenses this week and all City applications will be made online.

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