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The Best States for a High-Adventure Outdoor Trip

The pandemic has altered much of our lives in the past year. It has impacted graduations, work, birthdays, and vacation plans. Luckily, embarking on an adventurous outdoor adventure is still a safe option to create new experiences with the right social distancing practices. If you are getting antsy inside of your house, consider this list of the best states for a high-adventure outdoor trip.


Cold winter weather is upon us, but if you are looking to escape the cold for some warm weather fun, California is the place to visit. While it will not be tanning weather, Southern California will be nice enough to go for a hike with only a light jacket. You could also try to catch some waves in a wetsuit.


Conversely, if you are looking to embrace the cold winter weather, pack your essential ski gear and hit the slopes of Colorado. Colorado is one of the top states to visit for ski and snowboarding adventures, and they are easy activities to do while following social distancing practices.

North Carolina

Like California, North Carolina offers a more temperament climate for some outdoor adventuring. There are plenty of hiking trails and waterfalls to explore with moderate temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees, but prepare for colder temperatures if you plan to visit mountain towns like Boone, NC.


Utah is known for mountain biking trails that are just as exciting and action-packed in the winter as they are in the summer’s 100-degree heat. There are plenty of adventurous activities to choose from in Utah’s southern red rock country, from snow biking to snowshoeing or rock climbing.

California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Utah are just a few of the best states for a high-adventure outdoor trip. Try your hand at windsurfing or rock climbing for a one-of-a-kind vacation this winter season.

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