The licensed gun proprietor shoots a person who breaks into Monticello's dwelling – Mid-Hudson Information

MONTICELLO – A licensed gun owner shot and killed one of two men who crowded into his apartment in the Harmony Apartments in the village of Monticello.

Potential robber Rachain Wilson, 28, from Monticello suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. His partner Andrew Fogo, 32, also from Monticello, was with Wilson when the two forced their way into the house and confronted the resident about an earlier argument.

When Fogo and Wilson started beating the resident, another person in the apartment fired a licensed gun and hit Wilson. The two men fled and drove a pickup truck to Catskill Garnet Health Medical Center in Harris.

The person who fired the gun gave all of his records to the State Police.

Wilson was treated and released in the hospital. The soldiers arrested both men and charged them with a crime of armed burglary. They were both charged and taken to Sullivan County Prison on bail.

The state police were assisted by the Monticello Police, as well as the offices of the Sullivan County Sheriff and District Attorney.

The investigation continues.

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