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Hundreds if not thousands of businesses launch every day, and yours might be next, but do you have the necessary technology? There’s no debate that practically everything we do requires technology these days, and business is no different. Of course, some businesses will need more tech equipment than others, but we’re going to break down the bare minimum. If you’d like to learn the minimum technology required for starting a business, check out the list below.

A Solid Internet Connection

We’re assuming you have at least one computer, so you’re going to need high-speed internet. Businesses can’t afford spotty Wi-Fi, so you should do your best to prevent any downtime by connecting your devices with an ethernet cable. We know wireless connections are convenient, but they’re susceptible to interference, and an ethernet cable counteracts that vulnerability.

A High-Quality Printer

Even in our digital age, you still need a printer. There are several business documents you should have both hard and digital copies of, including your business license, financial statements, and business plan. Moreover, many businesses print out marketing plans so they can see what their ideas would look like on paper prior to ordering marketing materials.

Productivity Software

There is a variety of software available for daily business operations. Most businesses go with the trusty Microsoft Office where they can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. But if you need to save money, you can always use Google Drive for the time being. Additionally, one crucial software many businesses forget about starting out is accounting software like QuickBooks or FreshBooks.

Tech That Supports Data Security

Because the majority of what you do is going to be online, you must protect both your company’s and customers’ data. Before investing in any data security software, you must ensure you do your research, because sometimes you don’t need software in the early stages of your business. There are several cyber security tips and habits you should practice that encourage data security.

To reiterate, every business is a little different when it comes to the necessary technology. For instance, a financial service will need more technology to support security than a contractor would. However, one thing’s for sure – every company needs the minimum technology for starting a business.

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