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Kathrine Alderman
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Here in Jefferson County there are several small businesses and restaurants, each with their own unique goods and services. One thing that was missing, however, is an ice cream parlor. If you wanted ice cream you had to go to a fast food place to get it. But that ends today!
Arctic Scoop Ice Cream will be officially opened around noon today, Friday, February 5th. Arctic Scoop is located at 850 N. Jefferson St. and is run by Quinntin Bellavigna and his girlfriend Zoe Morris. It's a project that they started a few years ago but have only recently been able to fully realize.

It's the closest business installment to the property, which is a building space that is now home to Mafia Pizza, the Mann & # 39; s Doghouse, Arctic Scoop Ice Cream, and more. They have renovated the property over the past three years and we hope to make it an excellent place for the whole family with plenty of options.

Arctic Scoop wanted to fill the void Jefferson County lacked in good ice cream. It was something Monticello needed, so they stepped forward to bring it. Although it was more of a natural progression than a passion project, Quinntin always said he wanted to be an ice cream man when he was young, referring to the constellations Big Dipper and Little Dipper as "the big ice cream scoop and the" little ice cream scoop. "It's a funny story to tell now that he's really going to be an ice cream man who runs an ice cream parlor.

Arctic Scoop sells all kinds of frozen treats, soft serve, hard serve, slush puppies, a variety of toppings for your ice cream and much more. They'll also sell cotton candy if you're looking for something sweet but not that cold. So come hungry!

Your hours are a bit loose at the moment as all you have to do is open up and feel it, but they will most likely keep the winter hours and be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, when the seasons turn into summer, they are open even more days and hours.

So stop by today and try some of the sweet treats at Arctic Scoop, the newest member of the Monticello community!

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