White County Commissioners, metropolis of Monticello declare well being/catastrophe emergency –

MONTICELLO – The White County Board of Commissioners have declared a public health/local disaster emergency effective Sunday, March 22.

Earlier in the day, Monticello Mayor Cathy Gross issued a similar declaration

The purpose of the declaration is to facilitate future financial reimbursement, funding, supplies and other assistance as are made available through the state and federal government due to the health emergency.

The commissioners said in a press release Sunday night there is a local disaster emergency throughout the county, specifically linked to the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

The board continued as follows in the release:

“White County and its agencies will continue to cooperate with the Indiana State Department of Health, the State of Indiana and other local governments and organizations in their efforts to address this health emergency.”

The separate statements from the commissioners and the Mayor Gross echoed similar language.

“Citizens are reminded to continue to maintain a high level of awareness as to the appropriate measures to protect against the spread of the virus. ‘Social distancing’ remains our greatest opportunity for success.”

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