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The members of the White County Tourism Authority held a scheduled meeting Nov. 9, 2020, at 8:15 a.m., at the White County Courthouse second floor council chambers.

Members present were: John Heimlich, Dave Jordan, Cathy Gross, Keli Jennett & Jan Faker

Absent: John Heimlich called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes: Gross made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 12th meeting, seconded by Faker. Vote: Unanimous.

Financial Summary: Jordan’s financial statements match consistently with the Auditor’s. The Innkeeper Tax collection throughout the months of August, September, and October are more or less consistent with years past. To date, the 2020 collection is only down 9%, much better than comparable counties being down 30-35%.

Upcoming Events

Gross made a motion to approve the following checks: payroll, JP Morgan Chase, and the North 6th Street Billboard written to Charles Morehead and his involvement with the FOP Lodge 123 (previous Moefest billboard), seconded by Jennett. Vote: Unanimous.

Digital Marketing Director: Hahn presented the monthly directors report. It was an excellent month for the Enjoy White County initiative. Website enhancements have been made, businesses were submitted to OCRA for their Small Business Saturday campaign, December’s Facebook- Christmas Business Countdown planned out, Facebook outperformed previous months, the website traffic grew by 33% with most users being from Indianapolis, and the first quarter of 2021 social media plan was presented.

New Business: Hahn presented the 2021 Advertising Package for the Indiana Destination Development Corporation. We are budgeting the same amount as we did in 2020 yet receiving more coverage since their packages were slightly discounted. We plan to creatively use multiple advertising avenues to receive the greatest impact.

The board discussed placing an ad in the printed community calendar. We will not place the ad for 2021.

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