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The members of the White County Tourism Authority held a scheduled meeting on Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 8:15am at the White County Courthouse – 2nd floor, council chambers and virtually via call in option.

Members present: John Heimlich, Dave Jordan, Cathy Gross, Keli Jennett and Jan Faker. Absent: None.

John Heimlich called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes: Faker made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 9th meeting, seconded by Jordan. Vote: Unanimous.

Financial Summary: Jordan’s financial statements match consistently with the auditor. Gross made a motion to approve the following checks: payroll, JP Morgan Chase, and the Indiana Tourism Association membership dues, seconded by Faker. Vote: Unanimous. Jordan motioned to approve the SFP (web development) invoice to be paid via credit card, seconded by Gross, Vote: Unanimous. In order to process December’s transactions, a check is needed from the appropriated funds to be deposited into the checking account. Gross made a motion to request $10,000 from our fund, seconded by Jordan, Vote: Unanimous. Check will be picked up and deposited Wednesday, Dec. 16.

Digital Marketing Director: Hahn presented the monthly directors report. Marketing initiatives are progressing through December providing impressive analytics. Website analytics parallel social media analytics. Both the website and Facebook have a female heavy audience which we expect to address during the summer months with manly attractions (fishing, golf, etc.). After discussing the industry conversations with business owners, it was noted that perhaps the Enjoy White County initiative could fill a void with new business ribbon cuttings in the absence of a Chamber of Commerce. Hahn to follow-up with each White County community.

Old Business: The Tourism Authority needs to solidify what donation, sponsorship, and festival funding look like for 2021. Faker recommended that Hahn present a variety of different funding packages to choose from. The discussion will be revisited next month.

New Business: A co-op impact study for the Wabash Region (reaching Fair Oaks, Crawfordsville, Turkey Run State Park, and Terre Haute) was proposed. Each visitor’s center is to pay $500 and receive full analytical reports of tourists spending, the economic impact of tourism dollars, job counts and earnings from sectors that serve Indiana visitors. Faker made a motion to pay the $500 and participate in the economic impact study, seconded by Jennett. Vote: Unanimous

The building at 105 W. Broadway is still under the ownership of the Greater Monticello Chamber of Commerce & White County Visitor’s Bureau until the deed is transferred to White County Government, which can be a lengthy process. Heimlich also said that commissioner appointments will be handled soon, including the appointment of board treasurer Dave Jordan. This will be discussed further at January’s meeting.

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