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Despite the joyful festivities it brings along with it, winter can be a damaging season if you don’t properly prepare your home for it. However, it can bring annoyances other than cold temperatures, ice, and snowstorms. In this quick guide to common winter pests that invade homes, we’ll discuss why these nuisances get in your home and how you can keep them out.


Some people think they look cute, while others think they’re gross. Wherever your opinion of mice lands, the fact remains that they’re destructive invaders that like to warm up in homes during the winter. Even if you don’t hear or see the mice, their presence will be apparent if you spot droppings or the chew marks they leave in walls and other materials around your home. Aside from the annoyance they are, mice also have a reputation for spreading illness, so they’re a health threat, too.

To prevent mice from getting inside your home, take the time to inspect for small holes they can enter through, and promptly seal them up. Homeowners can also use mousetraps, though not everyone is quite so comfortable with that method.


Once they work their way inside your home in search of food and moisture, cockroaches can infest pretty quickly. Since cockroaches need food and water, you’ll commonly find them crawling around kitchens and bathrooms. Keeping the kitchen clean and storing food in securely sealed containers are great ways to deter cockroaches that enter the home.

However, what some homeowners don’t know is that even leaky faucets and pipes can attract cockroaches searching for moisture. In tandem with regular house cleaning, if you keep an eye on your pipes and faucets and make repairs when necessary, you greatly minimize the chances of encountering cockroaches.


These eight-legged insects like to build their homes near windows, doorways, and other good spots for catching their food. That said, spiders can use small openings to get inside your home, too. The tricky thing about spiders is that some can be quite dangerous, while others—although they might look freaky to some people—are totally harmless.

Spiders are some of the most common winter pests that invade homes, but luckily, there are many different ways for homeowners to keep them away. To avoid getting bitten by dangerous spiders such as brown recluses, consider storing shoes and other apparel in sealed containers. It might sound like an odd decision, but spiders like to hide in clutter and clothing around the house, so sealing those materials away is very helpful. Some of the most effective spider deterrents, such as vinegar, are common household products that aren’t hard to find if you don’t already own them.

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