Previously, if you want to install a limited or copyrighted app or game on an iOS device, you must pay the installation fee or proceed with jailbreaking your device.

However, with the development of science and technology, there are now many tools to help users to install copyright applications on iPhone, iPad like FTIOS, or Tweakbox.

Download and install TweakBox on iOS

Like other iOS support tools, Tweakbox’s way of working is to provide users with all kinds of free applications and copyright games. Users only need to install Tweakbox utility on the device, without having to jailbreak the device or use additional intermediary support tools such as Cydia impactor.

Tweakbox currently supports some of the following contents:

  • Install app and copyright game for free.
  • Provide modded applications with additional functions such as Facebook ++, Youtube ++, Instagram ++ …
  • Provide applications only appear in iOS beta, NES, PS, GamePad …
  • Fix crash app error.
  • Hack games.
  • Earn coins for Paypal, Apple Gift
  • And many other utilities you can experience yourself.
  • Although the number of applications is limited, this is still the right way for you to experience more copyrighted apps and games without needing to jailbreak the device.

    Download and install TweakBox iOS

    Download and install TweakBox on iOS

    Step 1: Please launch the Safari Browser from your iOS device. Please note that you are only required to use the Safari Browser for this purpose because all other browsers may not support the installation process.
    Step 2: You go to the link provided to download TweakBox apk for iOS on your iPhone / iPad. Please note that you do not require unlocking your iOS device for this purpose.
    Step 3: When navigating to the link provided, you will be required to authorize the TweakBox installer to install its relative configuration. Please do the same by clicking “Install.”
    Step 4: Click the “Install” button, the download and installation process for TweakBox will start and in a few minutes, you will find the application’s icon on the main screen of your iOS device.